We are now celebrating 30 years in the Charlotte, North Carolina, medical community, and going stronger than ever. Our team has grown with highly trained and talented clinicians joining us in the last few years, and we will soon have a special new addition. Keep posted!


The mission of The Rehab Center is to utilize the resources of our interdisciplinary team to assist individuals with disabling conditions to achieve optimal physical, cognitive, and emotional function.

The Rehab Center is committed to the promotion of the basic human rights, dignity, health, and safety of all the patients we serve.  Patients are provided services equally without regard to race, color, creed, gender, age or physical status.

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Our core treatment is an interdisciplinary program for individuals with chronic pain, concussions, and other work-related conditions that impair function. Based on a proven biopsychosocial model, the highly structured, interdisciplinary curriculum, typically lasting 20 days, combines the resources of physical therapy, medicine, psychology, and vocational counseling to educate and

assist individuals toward the restoration

of function and productivity.

The same multidisciplinary expertise is also available to be brought together to treat patients with concussions. Whether a given patient requires only medical care, or any combination of medical, psychological, neuropsychological, physical therapy and vocational counseling, they can have access to all the needed expert care under one roof.

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We are excited to have Dr. Shilpa Kasuganti (or Dr. K, as many know her), seeing patients in our Functional Restoration Program. Dr. Kasuganti is Board-Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Brain Injury, and has been with us since early September 2016.

Please see the newsletter referencing her background and announcing her arrival at our facility by clicking here.


We have dedicated a number of newsletters to the state of current research regarding the use of opioids for chronic pain. This is a issue that has attracted a great deal of recent attention because of the epidemic of abuse and overdoses that has swept the nation, with 78 Americans on average dying from opioid overdoses every day.

In response, there have been some pioneering measures here in North Carolina combining the resources of pharmacies, emergency departments, and law enforcement to facilitate access to naloxone for overdose reversal. These are credited with having saved over 3,300 lives in less than three years. Most recently, the FDA, the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), and various State Boards, including the North Carolina State Board, have all announced strong initiatives aimed at curbing excessive opioid prescribing and creating greater access to addiction management and overdose prevention.

We are following these developments closely and will continue to report on major developments in our newsletters. We are attaching the CDC guidelines as an example of curent efforts.

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