The Rehab Center

We are now celebrating over 27 years in the Charlotte, North Carolina, medical community.


The mission of The Rehab Center is to utilize the resources of our interdisciplinary team to assist individuals with disabling conditions to achieve optimal physical, cognitive, and emotional function.

The Rehab Center is committed to the promotion of the basic human rights, dignity, health, and safety of all the patients we serve.  Patients are provided services equally without regard to race, color, creed, gender, age or physical status.

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Our core treatment is an interdisciplinary program for individuals with chronic pain, concussions and head injuries, or other work-related conditions that impair function. Based on a proven biopsychosocial model, the highly structured, interdisciplinary 20-day curriculum combines the resources of physical therapy, medicine, psychology, and vocational counseling to educate and

assist individuals toward the restoration

of function and productivity.

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PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  The Rehab Center is now accessible from all usual entrances after a lengthy construction project


Our January 2014 newsletter is out, and available by clicking on the hyperlink. It provides a glimpse into The Rehab Center in the words of the doctors and clinicians. They discuss the history and mission of TRC, and their dedication to help those patients whose lives have been affected by chronic pain. We have a very interesting new program to unveil shortly and our next newsletter will focus on this. Stay posted!

Previous newsletters are also archived here (click on the Continue Reading link below to access these).


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The Rehab Center
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