The Rehab Center

"The whole Rehab Center is very warm and friendly. The front office each morning was always greeting us with a smile and good morning. All of you together made a rather long and painful process of rehab for me into something I hope will help me change the way I manage my own pain. This is not an easy road to walk along but you have given all of us the ability to take time to read the warning signs along the way and adjust what we need to address. Thanks to everyone."

"I enjoy being here and I've learned so many things. The entire staff is awesome! After attending rehab, I now have the tools to cope with pain each day. ...everyone with chronic pain injuries should come here for rehab! My family and I thank you all!"

"I will really miss the people here. I have never come across people who care so much. Thank you all for being SO Helpful."

"Everyone I dealt with was helpful to me! This was a great experience and I am thankful for everybody at the center."

"This was a very rewarding experience for me. The lectures were very informative and fun. Overall a great program."

"Everyone was great. You obviously care about the patients and what you are doing here at The Rehab Center. Keep up the good work. Your services are greatly needed."

"I really enjoyed the whole staff. I couldn't ask for a better crew. Everyone was very caring."

"Seeing Kathy's smiling face as I walked in the door every morning really put me in a good frame of mind. She is always very pleasant. The staff is always willing to help! If I ever have a friend or family member who needs the services you provide I would definitely tell them about the program and how much I feel it helped me. Thanks very much to all of you!!!"

"A most pleasant and helpful experience. Enjoyed it tremendously."

"Thank you for all of your help."

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