Dr. T. Kern Carlton III, a physiatrist, is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as well as Pain Medicine and Independent Medical Examinations. As medical director of The Rehab Center since 1993, he provides comprehensive medical evaluations and medical management of patients with work-related injuries. As part of our interdisciplinary team in the Functional Restoration Program, he implements strategies geared at the restoration of function and transition to work. In addition, Dr. Carlton also conducts EMG/nerve conduction studies, and he sees patients for Independent Medical Evaluations.

Dr. Shilpa Kasuganti is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Brain Injury. She joined The Rehab Center in August 2016, focusing her efforts on the Functional Restoration Program, where she follows patients referred to her independently for medical evaluation and management, as part of the treatment team. She also performs Independent Medical Evaluations on brain-injured patients as appropriate.