Physical Therapy



Our physical therapists offer individualized services to help patients develop the physical and functional capacities required to return to productive and fulfilling lives. Through detailed evaluations and goal-oriented programs, our patients will gain improved function aimed at resuming life and work activities.


As members of the interdisciplinary team, our physical therapists are an integral part of the management of patients in the Functional Restoration Program. All patients receive a comprehensive evaluation and individualized treatment planning prior to the start of physical therapy. Patients participating in The Program receive treatments for affected areas, but the focus is on improving function of the total body. Attention is centered on building muscle strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, positional tolerances and endurance, as well as education in proper posture and body mechanics, in an effort to improve functional levels and to minimize risk of re-injury. After conclusion of the treatment, patients are provided with home maintenance programs.

Additional Physical Therapy Services

Acute and Sub-Acute Physical Therapy is provided for more recent injuries. It may include manual treatment, modalities, therapeutic exercise for range of motion, flexibility, strengthening, stabilization exercises for the joints and spine, body mechanics education and training, strategies for building endurance and job simulation.

Work Conditioning/Hardening programs are individualized to the needs of the patient and their specific job requirements. Treatments are based on the patient’s physical capabilities with varying hours depending on the program and goals in mind. Work Conditioning is single-discipline and focuses on strengthening and conditioning, usually lasting 3-4 hours per day. Work Hardening is more multi-disciplinary with focus on work simulation lasting 4-8 hours. Both programs include exercises and activities to improve flexibility, strength, stabilization, cardiovascular conditioning, positional tolerance and endurance training, balance and coordination training, job simulation, education and training in proper body mechanics, and proper work postures and ergonomic habits. Mild head-injured patients are accepted into this program.

Treatment Services

  • Functional Restoration Program
  • Acute Rehabilitation
  • Manual Therapy
  • Work Conditioning/Work Hardening
  • Spine Stabilization and Core Strengthening
  • Spine Education and Ergonomic Awareness
  • Vestibular Evaluation and Rehabilitation
  • Biofeedback