Vocational Counseling and Evaluation


Many patients seen at TRC have been out of work—some for years—and have become despondent about the prospects of ever returning to work. Patients who do not have identified jobs to which to return meet with TRC’s vocational counselor, Brittany Barnes, MRC., CRC, CCM, who brings her vast experience working with persons with disabilities, challenges, and limitations. She notes that displaced workers often have great difficulty identifying alternative employment, particularly when they have been in the same industry or career for many years and fail to recognize the transferability of skills and talents they have developed during their working lives. Through vocational counseling, career assessment, vocational evaluation, transferable skills and labor market analysis, vocational recommendations are made, and patients leave with targeted goals and plans for return to work and function.

 In addition to program, Brittany is also accepting referrals for vocational evaluation and assessment testing.  TRC facility utilize CareerScope and OASYS. These programs allow for analyses of transferable skills as well as aptitudes and interests, and exploring labor market employability, using updated occupational databases.